Nine bikers injured after ‘Globe of Death’ stunt goes wrong

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It is similar to the ‘Wall of Death’, but riders can loop vertically as well as horizontally. In video footage filmed by a spectator, the stunt riders are seen speeding inside the metal ball as one of them falls off, landing on top of other bikers. Circus spokesman Fernando Angeles confirmed that nine people were injured after the motorcyclist fell from the top of the sphere onto the other participants. He said: ‘Every bike is checked before the event, but the truth is we do not know what happened. Sometimes these things are out of our hands.’ The Globe of Death stunt went badly wrong (Picture: CEN) Of the nine injured, five members are hospitalised in a serious condition. They have been identified as Cristian Coronel, Arnol Pena Flores, Jose Antonio Pinillos, Leober Gaivao and Liliana Madera. Local media reported that they were attended to by circus paramedics and taken to a nearby clinic in San Pablo. Five bikers are in a serious condition in hospital (Picture: CEN) Spectators were evacuated following the accident. It was also reported that the circus will continue without the ‘Globe of Death’ show. It is unclear whether local authorities plan to investigate the incident.